High end furniture socks for hardwood floors

An Innovative upgrade to your furniture

Sag Hom furniture leg socks made from premium high-density polyester makes them more durable. Perfect fit for chairs, bar stools and tables legs, both round and square. These chair leg socks fit with great ease minimizing the friction and noise! A fit-on-all design, made from high quality material and rubber lining gives a snug fit. It’s the ultimate economical way to protect all kinds of flooring.


The perfect companion of every furniture in your house. Keep the floors looking shiny and scratch-less for longer.

Noise Proof and Scratch Proof

Sag Hom Furniture socks produce no noise when moved or glided across the floor. They protect the flooring and furniture simultaneously.

The Finest Quality Furniture Leg Socks

Sag hom brings socks that fit with amazing grip. The high-quality spandex produces elasticity to fit a wide range of furniture legs.

Coffee brown colored and minimally designed ribbed furniture socks go well with every furniture keeping up with the elegance and style.

A state-of-the-art chair leg covers

Durable and very stretchy, anti-slip, keep the socks covering the leg tightly. These wood floor savers will stay quietly on chair and table feet, helping reduce noise and prevent your hardwood floor from scratching. They don’t slip off like the felt discs.

Economical Floor Protector

Tiled and hardwood floors can easily be scratched with furniture. A safe and adept way to keep the hardwood flooring looking new is by installing Sag hom furniture leg socks on all your chairs, tables and stools. These versatile, multipurpose socks make up for uneven alignment in furniture and look elegant at the same time.

Wide Applications

Minimal and stylish looking furniture booties can be used for round, oval or square legs of your furniture for Dining, Kitchen, Patio, Barstools, Office or Kids Table.

A masterpiece

The masterfully created socks for furniture are designed to fit with tight grip. A hard-wearing quality makes them last several washes and is easy to install on all indoor furniture.

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